Photo by Black Shell Studio



Tasanee Durrett is a licensed architect and a single-line Artist. She specializes in empowering women of color through her artwork. 

VISORIES started in 2019 as a hobby.  Tasanee has an architectural background so she has a lot of experience drawing and has always loved drawing since she was a child. But it wasn’t until 2020 when she started taking up drawing outside of architectural design in order to step away from the day-to-day tasks and to find peace and joy in drawing things that she loves the most. What she loves most are strong black women. 


Growing up, she never really felt the absence of a father due to the love, care and grit of her mother. Living with a single mother, she got a first-hand look on what it meant to be independent, bold and powerful. Her mother inspired her to become very independent at an early age and she became drawn to other empowering strong women that resembled her mother. These incredible women of color have shaped Tasanee into who she is today. She creates art to celebrate the strength of black women and help others feel empowered. She wants her art to send the message that women of color are dynamic and should be celebrated.

“There has been a history of undervaluing Black women. The Black woman should not be the most neglected person anymore”, as Tasanee frequently states. It is imperative that she continues to provide opportunities for women of color to reflect on their strength and resilience and to be able to share their own stories and journeys. VISORIES provides moments for women of color to authentically be themselves and unapologetically love themselves and the challenges that they’ve been through.