One-line Artist and Storyteller


Growing up, my mother would always take me to the museums and art fairs in Chicago where I was born and raised. The artwork and the artists that I was exposed to were phenomenal, but where were the artists that looked like me? Where was the artwork that had people of color?

As I grew older, I started dreaming of museums and art events filled with people of color from all cultures and backgrounds. I began stepping out of my comfort zone and drawing what has never been, and still isn’t the norm: Black Culture and Black Stories. This journey has led me to understanding more of who I am as I learn more about stories of the brown and black community. 


My art exposes social and cultural aspects of society that are typically kept hidden from us. My art shows how complex and vibrant people of color are. I want the stories and the existence of Black culture to be exposed - never to be forgotten- to be in the light.  


I love making the complex simple, which is why I specialize in continuous contour or "single-line" drawing where I never lift my hand off of the paper until the piece is completely finished with one unbroken line.  Like the one-line drawings that I create, we're all connected by our backgrounds and experiences in some unique and abstract way.


I hope that my art inspires you to open your eyes and minds to the visual stories that I tell.

Tasanee a.k.a VISORIES


AIA AEC Art Gallery

Orlando Museum of Art (OMA)

Hyatt Regency Hotel - Orlando