Minimalist Artist and Storyteller


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I'm a minimalist artist who enjoys using visual stories as a way to express human experiences and social connections. If you ask me, storytelling is the most powerful way to express who you are, where you came from, and where you're going.

Every story I tell exposes knowledge that may or may not have been known before. My art exposes social and cultural aspects of society that are typically kept hidden from us. 

I love making the complex simple, which is why I specialize in one-line or “contour line” drawing where I never lift my hand off of the paper until the piece is completely finished with one unbroken line.  More importantly, I enjoy how someone's story can impact another's and then another's and then another's. Like the one-line drawings that I create, we're all connected by our backgrounds and experiences in some unique and abstract way.


From one storyteller to another,

Tasanee a.k.a VISORIES


AIA AEC Art Gallery

Orlando Museum of Art (OMA)

Hyatt Regency Hotel - Orlando