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See bottom of page for steps on getting your own personalized art piece!

Steps to Getting a Commissioned Piece! 


If you are interested in a personal commissioned piece, contact VISORIES to set up a 30 minute consultation call!

Size, Color + Composition

After our consultation meeting, measure your wall size, choose colors (if any) and decide on the size artwork you are looking to have for your space/ project. Also, this is the time to provide any reference photos and/or inspirational images.  You will also need to provide if you would like portrait or landscape style. 


Once the information on color, size and composition is received, VISORIES will begin the sketching process where 3 thumbnail sketches will be provided for review. The sketch that is approved will then be drawn/ created as the final piece 

Final Piece

After approving the sketch, this is when the final piece is created and you will receive your very own VISORIES made commissioned piece! Enjoy!

Visories by Tasanee Durrett is a one line art based company built by Tasanee herself. Join and explore her artwork as she tells stories visually one line at a time!
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