VISORIES is a visual arts studio that produces artwork to empower women of color and uplift the Black and Brown community. VISORIES also teaches minority artists to become entrepreneurs of their own, or as we like to call "artrepreneurs" here at VISORIES .



Growing up I never knew my father, being raised in a single parent household meant I never got to witness what a healthy relationship looked like. As I grew older, I found myself in an emotionally abusive relationship as I couldn’t distinguish what was and wasn’t ‘normal’. It was the darkest time of my life, I lost a lot of weight, withdrew from my friends and family and became very isolated. After reaching rock bottom, I did one of the bravest things I could have done and I listened to the inner voice inside of me that constantly told me things weren’t right. I discovered my love for art as a way to further release all my pent up emotions and express myself, and overtime I was able to heal. Now I use my work as a tool to empower others, to remind us all to love ourselves, that our importance and worth isn’t defined by anyone but ourselves.

I empower women of color through art. As I like to say, “We are all connected by our stories. The more stories I tell visually through my art, the more women are empowered and uplifted”.

The narrative of VISORIES is centered on 3 pillars:


  • Empowering women of color to unapologetically love themselves 

  • Uplifting the Black and Brown Community

  • Building "Artrepreneurs"

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Visories hopes to serve women of color, underrepresented Black and Brown communities, and minority artists.

As a black female-owned studio, Visories provides opportunities for women of color to reflect on their strength and resilience through artwork created by founder, Tasanee Durrett. Visories builds equity in the arts industry by providing business development tools for minority artists.